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TabViz final presentation for Info Viz class

We had our final presentation for Information Visualization class on the evening of April 29th. Our prototype is still a little buggy, and as Murphy’s Law would have it, our demo got off to a rough start. A quick browser restart later, we shared a successful demonstration of using our radial layout to aid tab refinding after doing a Google search.

Here are the slides from our presentation:

Eventually the entire presentation will be available on Michigan’s Deep Blue.

As Jakob said in his recent post, we now have a Google code project. We hope that anyone who is interested will feel free to let us know and get involved. We discussed some of the areas we still need to work on in the presentation. To name a few:

  • Accordion tabs (making the history of a single tab available within a wedge) are only partially implemented
  • Hover effects (showing the entire thumbnail and title when someone hovers over a wedge)
  • Finding a way to capturing screenshots before a tab has been viewed (Tab Preview does this)
  • Appropriate resizing of screenshots (currently screen dimensions are hard coded)

And of course, we will need to test thoroughly.

That’s all for now. Although the class is completed, we all plan to pursue this project further to make a more reliable and useful extension. Look for more updates later this summer!

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TabViz project on Google Code

After succesfully creating a prototype of our tab visualization we have released the code of our prototype as open source on Google Code.  If you want to take a look at the code, test the latest version of the prototype, or maybe even contribute to this little open source project, please go to

Besides the repository with our source code you will also find the latest version of the prototype for download, a list of issues and bugs, and a wiki with documenation.

If you are interested in trying out the prototype you should follow the instruction on installing and using the TabViz  development version in the wiki.

Otherwise if  you are also interested in helping out with the project the places to go would probably be the issue list and the list of unanswered technical questions in the wiki.

We would be thrilled to hear your feedback!

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